We are currently expanding the contents of this site. For non-italian vistors, we provide here for the moment a general summary of the FACEit society, its purpose and identity in English. In order to contact us for any further information, please find our details below.

Italian Society of Integrated Cervical-Cranio-Facial Therapy

FACEit is a multidisciplinary network of health care providers specialized in the management of cervico-cranio-facial dysfunctions. Its founding members strongly believe in an interdisciplinary perspective thanks to which patients could be helped in the assessment, cure and management of their difficult problems. In addition, the sharing of knowledge, skills and abilities between members contributes to improve the quality of scientific research.

Main topics of FACEit interesets are:

  • Neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions of the cervico-cranio-facial area
  • Headache, migraine
  • Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)
  • Occlusion, chewing, parodontal and dental disorders
  • Deglutition, respiratory and phoniatric dysfunctions
  • Tinnitus, otolaryngology and vestibular system dysfunctions
  • Eye and eye-muscle impairments
  • Congenital deformities, primary and secondary deformities in pre/peri/neonatal period
  • Paediatric and childhood pathologies
  • Neuromodulation pain impairments
  • Nutrion and stomatognathic diseases
  • Body image disorders
  • Irregular sleep-wake rhythm
  • Behaviour and relationship disorders

Briefly, FACEit goals are

  1. to widen the network for professionals to be able to work in team, ready to share information and able to sustain every clinical need on the Italian landscape. Therefore, everybody who deals with pain and dysfunction of the Cervical-Cranio-Facial is fully motivated to actively participate in the development of this project. For instance, physicians (orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, painrelief doctors, paediatrics, oculists, psychiatrists, maxillofacial surgeons, otolaryngoiatrists, aesthetic doctors, endocrinologists, immunologists, etc.), pharmacologists, dentists and odontoiatrists, gnathologists, physiotherapists, eye therapists, speech therapists, psychologists.
  2. To organise workshops and informative courses to achieve a high educational standard process and to spread scientific knowledge, prevention and care in the health services
  3. To encourage and sustain working group and specific projects in collaboration with international partnership, universities, public and private institutions, associations, societies, etc. and every group with similar interest, ethical and moral view of FACEit.


FACEit works with the CRANIO FACIAL THERAPY ACADEMY (CRAFTA®) which is an international group for the education and continuing professional education of the treatment and management of patients with temporomandibular, craniofacial dysfunctions and pain born in Holland in 2005.

Founding Members

Walter Marchesi – physioterapist
Carlotta Viti – physioterapist
Luca Contiero – physioterapist
Fabio Villa – physioterapist
Matteo Maraschi – dentist
Donata Sormani – orthoptics
Ilaria Zanin – physioterapist
Arianna Lucia Paoli – psychologist
Nadia Pizzolato – physioterapist
Licia Podda – biologist, nutritionist


Largo Armando Diaz 3 B
20825 Barlassina Monza e Brianza (MI) ITALY